Traditional or new health insurance policy

Traditional or new policy - Cinema TicketsA traditional health insurance policy was sold by men in very smart suits and an encyclopaedic knowledge of not only there own product but a whole range of financial products. What they lacked was modern technology and awareness of how easy it can be to extend life.

Today’s advisors still have the product knowledge but, a combination of personal fitness, health awareness and technology have been combined in at least one product to develop a new approach.

New Health Insurance Policy

The thrust of the new health insurance policy is to test the health and lifestyle and then reward healthy behaviour by incentives, these can include free cinema tickets or huge discounts on healthy products and memberships.
Use of simple technology is used to monitor activity, but don’t panic the activity levels are far from extreme, and are usually just a small step up from your present activity.

As the interest in this type of health insurance policy increases so the types of reward are increasing both in value and area, what is clear are that here are significant financial rewards in these policies, both in reducing the initial premium and reducing family budgets.

If you want to find out more about this type of health insurance policy use the contact form to get in touch.

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